The Punisher Villain Jigsaw Defined


The character that haunts Frank Citadel.

Netflix’s The Punisher: Season 1 wrapped up with the badly disfigured Billy Russo — ex-friend of Frank Citadel — clinging to life in a hospital mattress and silently vowing revenge in opposition to Citadel, locking him in because the villain Jigsaw in Season 2.

And now with Season 2 of the Netflix present debuting, here is every little thing that you must find out about Jigsaw and why he is managed to remain the one recurring thorn within the Punisher’s facet all these years.

Jigsaw Defined: The Fundamentals

On condition that the Punisher’s whole modus operandi is killing criminals in brutal and spectacular style, it is sensible that his rogues gallery is fairly small in comparison with the likes of Spider-Man or Iron Man. But in some way, Billy Russo has managed to outlive one encounter after one other with Frank Citadel, repeatedly dishonest loss of life and returning to precise vengeance on his most hated enemy as soon as once more.


Russo’s origin story is pretty totally different within the unique comics in comparison with the MCU. There, he is portrayed as a mafia hitman from a damaged house who prided himself on his good-looking look proper up till the day Frank Citadel threw him face-first by a plate glass window. Russo survived and managed to stand up the legal ranks regardless of (or maybe due to) his horribly disfigured face and deranged character. He is now one of the vital highly effective members of New York’s legal underworld, however his solely true pleasure in life is tormenting the Punisher.

Jigsaw’s Powers and Skills

Jigsaw has no true metahuman powers, although just like the Joker, he has an nearly superhuman capability to cheat loss of life and survive what ought to be deadly run-ins with the Punisher.

Jigsaw is at the least a extremely completed killer skilled in plenty of weapons. Through the years, he is skilled himself to be Frank Citadel’s bodily equal (typically going as far as to put on distorted variations of the Punisher costume). He is additionally an excellent tactician whose off-kilter character and deranged thoughts typically permit him to outsmart Frank.

Jigsaw: Origin and Background

Jigsaw made his Marvel debut not lengthy after the Punisher himself, debuting in a time earlier than Frank Citadel had a solo comedian to name his personal. Jigsaw was created by author Len Wein and artist Ross Andru and debuted in 1976’s The Superb Spider-Man #162. Nevertheless, it wasn’t till the 1994 miniseries Punisher: Yr One which Billy Russo’s origin story was absolutely established. As within the Netflix sequence, Russo was tasked with overlaying up free ends referring to the bloodbath that worn out Frank’s household, and he was hideously disfigured by Frank consequently.


Jigsaw has remained a recurring participant within the Punisher franchise ever since. He is additionally ceaselessly clashed with Spider-Man, even breaking the wallcrawler’s arm throughout one notably nasty jail break. Jigsaw has truly been killed by the Punisher a number of occasions, however every time Marvel’s writers discover a means (supernatural or in any other case) of bringing the character again into play.

Jigsaw performed a major position in author Matt Fraction’s Punisher: Warfare Journal sequence, the place the character donned an inverted model of the Punisher costume and brainwashed an idealistic NYPD cop to develop into a twisted reflection of Frank Citadel. Jigsaw seemingly met his finish in that sequence, however cheated loss of life once more and joined up with supernatural crime boss the Hood.


Author Rick Remender later launched Billy’s son, Henry, a personality who sought to assist Frank Citadel and have become drawn into the unending feud between Jigsaw and Punisher. Jigsaw even partnered with Stuart Clarke (one other villain who briefly fought alongside the Punisher) to kind a tag-team duo known as the Jigsaw Brothers.

Jigsaw: Past the Comics

Whereas the Punisher himself has a reasonably prolonged resume outdoors Marvel’s comics, Billy Russo hasn’t appeared a lot outdoors of the Netflix sequence. Given his violent, sadistic character and hideous character, he isn’t precisely a main candidate for Marvel’s numerous animated sequence.

Jigsaw was initially slated to seem as the principle villain within the sequel to 2004’s Punisher film earlier than that challenge was canceled. The 2005 Punisher online game (which pulls closely from the film in addition to the comics) affords some thought of how that may have performed out. The sport’s model of Jigsaw (voiced by Darryl Kurylo) is re-imagined as John Saint, the son of John Travolta’s villain Howard Saint.

Jigsaw did get his probability on the large display screen with 2008’s Punisher: Warfare Zone, the place he was performed by Dominic West. The movie pits the character and his brother, “Looney Bin Jim” (Doug Hutchison) in opposition to Ray Stevenson’s Frank Citadel.

Dominic West as Jigsaw and Doug Hutchison as Looney Bin Jim.

Dominic West as Jigsaw and Doug Hutchison as Looney Bin Jim

Aside from Warfare Zone, most of Jigsaw’s non-comic e book appearances have are available in numerous video video games. Apart from the aforementioned 2005 recreation, he is appeared within the 1990 NES recreation The Punisher, the 1991 Recreation Boy recreation The Punisher: The Final Payback, the 1993 arcade recreation The Punisher, and the 2009 Ps three recreation The Punisher: No Mercy.

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