Resident Evil 2: Easy methods to Unlock Tofu Characters and Infinite Ammo Weapons

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Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2 Remake) is filled with secrets and techniques and Easter eggs (like hidden references to earlier video games), has many unlockables together with modes, weapons, and costumes, and likewise a couple of methods to cheat.

Like the unique recreation, there are a number of modes included as unlockables with completely different characters and eventualities.

We have now additionally created Ideas and Walkthrough pages for the unlockable modes:

There are a couple of particular weapons you’ll be able to unlock in Resident Evil 2 Remake – and every of those weapons won’t ever run out of ammo, or can not break.

Unbreakable Fight Knife – Destroy all Mr. Raccoon Toys to unlock.
Limitless Ammo Samurai Edge Handgun – S-Rank the sport on Customary Issue to unlock.
Limitless Ammo LE-5 Submachine Gun – S-Rank the sport on Hardcore Issue to unlock.
Limitless Ammo Rocket Launcher – S+ rank the sport as Leon on Customary Issue
Limitless Ammo Minigun – S+ rank the sport as Claire on Customary Issue

To unlock these weapons is not any straightforward job. As a way to S-Rank the sport, you have to to finish a Character’s Story or Second Run in report time. On Customary Issue, you have to full the Important Story in beneath three:30, or full the Second Run in beneath three:00. On Hardcore Issue, it is even shorter – beneath 2:30 for the Important Story, and beneath 2:00 for the Second Run. The one factor that results the S-Rank is time – nothing else issues, and you can not obtain this rank on Assisted Issue.

As a way to get the coveted S+ Rank, you have to meet the standards of an S-Rank by way of time spent, but in addition can solely save your recreation as much as three occasions!

As a result of pace is so essential, you may seemingly need to play the sport with each Character’s as soon as to change into acquainted with the route – and get the Unbreakable Fight Knife by destroying all Mr. Raccoon Toys.

When making an attempt the S-Rank run, it is essential to notice that the timer stops when the sport is paused – however when you die and select to proceed the sport and cargo a earlier save, the timer won’t reset again to the final checkpoint. As a substitute, give up the sport after which load again in to keep away from losing precious time.

Make sure you S-Rank the sport on Customary first, because the Limitless Ammo Samurai Edge will probably be important for clearing the sport rapidly on Hardcore Issue!

These are the entire codes you’ll be able to full at any time in Resident Evil 2 Remake, permitting you to get some gadgets out of order. A full clarification of each RE2 code and mixture, in addition to the gadgets you get, may be discovered right here.

Lion Statue Lock Resolution – Lion, Leafy Department, Chicken
Rookie’s First Project Initials in West Workplace Resolution – Left Lock: NED, Proper Lock: MRG
3F Stairs Dial Lock (Letters) Resolution – DCM (Present in a movie roll).
Unicorn Statue Lock Resolution – Fish, Scorpion, Vase
Males’s Locker Room Dial Lock (Letters) Resolution – CAP – Present in be aware in room hooked up to Operations Room.
West Workplace Secure Resolution – Left 9, Proper 15, Left 7 – Present in S.T.A.R.S. Workplace memo.
Maiden Statue Lock Resolution – Lady, Bow, Snake
Ready Room Secure Resolution – Left 6, Proper 2, Left 11 – Present in Confiscation Report File
Management Room Dial Lock (Letters) Resolution – SZF – Present in Jazz Pageant Flyer
Therapy Pool Room Secure Resolution – Left 2, Proper 12, Left eight – Discovered on aspect of secure (lol!)
Greenhouse Management Room Code 1 Resolution – F, II, two small L shapes, and F – Discovered on ladder high
Greenhouse Management Room Code 2 Resolution – Two L, L, I, a giant sq. above just a little sq., and a thicker I – Discovered on backside of DNA Trophy

Within the Sewers, use the T-Bar Deal with to open the door to the Employee’s Elevate within the Decrease Waterway, and inside you’ll discover a raise going as much as the Workroom on the higher flooring with Movie Roll: Hiding Locations. Develop this movie within the Darkish Room to disclose two hidden areas. Observe: These won’t seem as interactive until you developed the movie!

The highest photograph is a troublesome one – however there’s one remoted desk in an workplace with a flag – the S.T.A.R.S. Workplace. Take the trail by way of the Library to get to the workplace, and examine the solitary workplace desk to discover a Wood Field, which you’ll examine to search out an improve to your weapon.

There’s additionally one thing else that’s simply missed tucked behind the drawer – look once more to search out one other Roll Movie: Rising Rookie hidden in the back of the drawer. You’ll be able to develop this again on the Darkish Room to get the Rising Rookie photograph File, an image of Rebecca Chambers from the primary Resident Evil recreation.




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