Random: Inform Us Who You Love In This Official Pokémon Ballot For Valentine’s Day

Final week, the official Play Nintendo web site ran a ballot to search out out who followers would love to present a Valentine to on Valentine’s Day. The ballot featured many well-known Nintendo characters comparable to Mario, Hyperlink and Isabelle, however in the long run, Waluigi gained in a landslide victory.

Apparently, this wasn’t a one-off, as The Pokémon Firm’s Japanese Twitter account is now to know which character from the Pokémon universe followers would most prefer to spend some particular time with on Valentine’s Day. With a purpose to discover out who’s the most-loved, it is operating a ballot that includes seven males and 7 females from the long-running collection.

In case your Japanese is a little bit bit rusty, Siliconera has offered a helpful translation information, so you’ll be able to truly hop on Twitter and use one of many following hashtags to have your say. The winners shall be revealed in a particular illustration on 14th March, which additionally occurs to be White Day.

“Which of those characters would you want to present a Valentines chocolate to?”

Lance – #ワタルにチョコをあげる
Morty – #マツバにチョコをあげる
Steven Stone – #ダイゴにチョコをあげる
Volkner – #デンジにチョコをあげる
N – #Nにチョコをあげる
Sycamore – #プラターヌにチョコをあげる
Gladion – #グラジオにチョコをあげる
#ポケモンバレンタイン チョコをあげたいのは誰?



男性キャラクター篇②https://t.co/RcoYy7VaOx pic.twitter.com/HoLGi29dn2

— 【公式】ポケモン情報局 (@poke_times) February 10, 2019

“Which of those characters would you prefer to obtain a Valentine’s chocolate from?”

Erika – #エリカからチョコをもらう
Jasimine – #ミカンからチョコをもらう
Flannery – #アスナからチョコをもらう
Cynthia – #シロナからチョコをもらう
Elesa – #カミツレからチョコをもらう
Korrina – #コルニからチョコをもらう
Lillie – #リーリエからチョコをもらう
#ポケモンバレンタイン 誰からチョコをもらいたい?



女性キャラクター篇②https://t.co/XfPtu9z9Xf pic.twitter.com/sFUJ2BM5uE

— 【公式】ポケモン情報局 (@poke_times) February 10, 2019

Inform us which Pokémon character you like essentially the most within the feedback under.

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